Fortress Falls

Founded at the base of a crash-landed Flying Fortress,  the once great city of Fortress Falls can now barely be called a town. Centuries of conflict and  war took their toll on the riches and culture that cropped up from the plunder of Bizeratt's Castle. 

Most of the non-warring humanoid races (elves, dwarves, halflings and the like) are represented both in their own neighborhoods and the downtown district where all races mingle peacefully.

Many crumbling buildings dot the landscape around the outskirts of Fortress Falls, but the central core of the town has been stable for nearly a decade now. There is an air of optimism that things have turned around for the town thanks to Pavone

A point of pride for the town is that they have been able to maintain control of their Horn of Whedalon despite the decline of the city.

Fortress Falls

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