The Horns of Whedalon

Whedalon Sorakeen  was an incredibly well known and beloved Bard who met a tragic end. The love of her life passed from a dreadful wasting disease. She sought to cure it buy traveling across the sea where there was hope of a cure.

Before leaving however Whedalon went to a metalworker friend of hers to create her true legacy. Using her magic she helped him construct a collar and ear trumpet. They were a matched set, she could wear the collar while anywhere on this plane and the trumpet would pick up her song. This way her love never felt alone.

Whedalon failed in her quest to find the cure in time. She must have known he had passed but her voice could be heard ringing in the trumpet for over a decade.

The collar she used to keep in touch with with the love of her life was found about thirty years ago, and the emperors ever shrewd mind had a plan for it. He ordered his wizards to use the magic from the trumpet that he already posessed and rework the metal, weaving new magic and metal into it as necessary. Doing so they made many horns that were more like those that filled the stadiums with sound when Whedalon performed. The new horns could, just like the trumpet, pick up the words spoken from the wearer of the collar no matter how far apart they were. The Emperor spread these horns throughout the land so he could send his message directly to his people and keep them informed and morale high.

These items are collectively known as 'The Horns of Whedalon" and it is a big event when there is a broadcast. Town and city squares fill to hear messages from their leader.

For a while some ambitious Barons and Lords tried 'hatching new horns'. Essentially reproducing the original process of making multiple horns from new metal and magic infused with a single functioning horn. Sometimes this works and then two or three settlements can now hear broadcasts, and sometimes it ended in complete failure. That failure is why the process is now banned by the Emperor. It is believed there are now about two dozen horns in existence. 

The Horns of Whedalon

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