Whedalon Sorakeen

The greatest Bard of all times


Whedalon is one of the best known Bards in all of history. It was truly an event when she came anywhere nearby. City populations doubled when word came through that she would tour there. Magic permeated her voice, so much so that she used it to project her voice into specially attuned horns that could fill vast amphitheaters with her melodious voice.

One day, the love of her life fell ill. Augers warned that he had only a year to live but the cure for his illness could be found across the western sea. He protested, desperately not wanting to die alone so she remained by his side for most of his final year. As the year wore on, she could not stand to watch him whither away and die. Over his protests she boarded a ship and set sail into the great unknown.

Before leaving, she created The Horns of Whedalon


Whedalon Sorakeen

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