The End of an Epoch

Week One: Welcome to Fortress Falls
What's Bread

Namfoodle & Mardy have been traveling companions for close to a year. As we pick up the story the pair are traveling to Fortress Falls. More accurately they were moving AWAY from the last town they were in, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary. On the road outside of Fortress Falls they encounter Rhodar a clearly been living outside for a while Dwarf.

Upon entering Fortress Falls the newly formed trio does what any adventuring party does and hits up the bakery. Inside The find shop owner Pierre talking to Ash. After sampling some of the goods Mardy tries to steal some more, but flubs the grab under Ash’s gaze. Namfoodle never looks up from his book and Rhodar seems to not care.

Namfoodle, Mardy, and Rhodar are looking for work in town. Ash is looking for someone that won’t be back until spring. Pierre points them towards the local COOP across the street. Pleasantries are exchanged and in the case of Ash, a fellow baker, some recipes are exchanged. Deciding adventuring together is better than doing it apart the now 4 strong group heads across the street to sign up and find some work… in Mardy’s case some booze would also be welcome.

Mardy sweet talks the bartender into a bet, if she plays a beautiful song she gets a free drink out of it. The song…. does not go well. The drink is paid for.

The group meets the head of the COOP organization, a man named Baltar. COOP is essentially an adventurers guild. People that need work down can lobby the COOP to find people to help making it a place to stop by and pick up odd jobs. It’s also a place in a state of flux. New mgmt and light membership numbers has Baltar concerned and looking for people to join up.

With time to kill or a low profile to keep, the group takes a job about a day outside of town. The job will pay, but will also serve as a test of their abilities for becoming members of COOP
There is supposed to be a religious shrine on a hill in the woods and our group has been tasked with taking a magic rod to the hill and perform a basic ritual, then return and report their results. No malfeasance was inferred or detected by anyone in the group so the next morning they head out. As a side job Ash is attempting to fill in a rather crude map of the area on her travels.
Deciding to stick to the road instead of trudging through the woods the group passes a very large royal caravan. The banners mark it as part of the Perker House. Pleasantries are exchanged with one of the guard, the group steps out of the way and nothing else happens… for now.

At the end of the day the group comes to a structure at a fork in the road, called Kerst House, and decides to stop for the night because from here their path turns into the woods to find the stream. An older human lady is running the joint, and the only other person is a half-orc child being fostered there. The boy tells a story about some weird happenings in the woods, and deer beds with lots of blood and dead animals.

The group forays into the woods, finds a deer bed (with the help of Rhodar’s forest creatures) The woodland creatures did tell the group of “brown scales” that have been “travelling all over” but the received no clear signs of what happened or by what hand.  After returning to Kerst House the group implores Silt to stay in the house, and decides to wait out the night before trekking out again the next day in search of the hill as part of their mission.

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